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Minding Your Business

 SURVEY : Market study, A/B Testing, target audience persona analysis, all experiments must be done in Survey lab

 CONSULTATION 360 degree consulting is a journey from the conception to inception, from planning to execution, from dream to reality!

 BRANDING From a personal image to a corporate identity, brand persona is the soul.From Discovery to Loyalty generation is the scope.

 STRATEGY :A proper plan or scheme is key to the success of a product cycle.A brainstorming before is like a brainbuster later!

 MARKETING :Realty Projects to any Product / Service all thrives on ATL, BTL, TTL print, digital and channel marketing.

 PROMOTION :Events, campaigns, shows, meets, seminars, workshops, all seeks to promote a product/service otherwise badly canvassed good entity is equal to a better promoted bad one.