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 SURVEY : Market study, A/B Testing, target audience persona analysis, all experiments must be done in Survey lab

 CONSULTATION 360 degree consulting is a journey from the conception to inception, from planning to execution, from dream to reality!

 BRANDING From a personal image to a corporate identity, brand persona is the soul.From Discovery to Loyalty generation is the scope.

 STRATEGY :A proper plan or scheme is key to the success of a product cycle.A brainstorming before is like a brainbuster later!

 MARKETING :Realty Projects to any Product / Service all thrives on ATL, BTL, TTL print, digital and channel marketing.

 PROMOTION :Events, campaigns, shows, meets, seminars, workshops, all seeks to promote a product/service otherwise badly canvassed good entity is equal to a better promoted bad one.


How does Affiliate Consulting use surveys for market insight and effective promotion?

Our Affiliate Consulting service integrates a rigorous market study, A/B testing, and thorough target audience persona analysis within our advanced Survey lab. This unique approach enables us to gather precise insights into market dynamics, preferences, and consumer behavior. Through A/B testing, we refine strategies, ensuring the most effective promotional methods. The in-depth analysis of target audience personas ensures a tailored approach, making certain that your brand resonates with the right audience for maximum impact and engagement.

What does 360-degree consulting cover, and how does it guide businesses?

Our 360-degree consulting is a comprehensive journey that starts from the initial conception of ideas and guides businesses through every step to transform these concepts into reality. From strategic planning to meticulous execution, our consulting services cover the entire spectrum. This holistic approach ensures that businesses receive support and guidance at every stage, fostering a seamless transition from idea to tangible results.

How does Affiliate Consulting approach branding from Discovery to Loyalty?

Our approach to branding goes beyond creating a visual identity; it encompasses building a brand persona that is the soul of your business. The journey spans from the initial Discovery phase, where we identify and define your brand essence, to the Loyalty generation phase, where we cultivate enduring connections with your audience. This extensive scope ensures that your brand not only stands out but also builds lasting relationships with customers, contributing to long-term success and recognition.