Affiliate Consulting

Service Details

Making Fans, Followers & Freelancers Work For You

We invite all influencers in Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Blog / Image Consultant network in our platform to not only form a business network but also provide client assignments for reviews, posts, shares, comments, ratings, vlogging, interviews, advertisements, affiliate service, and brand promotion contracts.


We shall seek the endeavor of all event entities & organizers to join the network where everyone's privacy will be intact and we shall float any client proposal based on demographics and category of expertise as a BUSINESS LEAD NETWORK.


How does your service leverage influencers for my brand on social platforms?

Our Affiliate Consulting service taps into a vast network of influencers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Blogs. We not only facilitate business networking but also connect influencers with client assignments such as reviews, posts, shares, comments, vlogging, interviews, advertisements, and brand promotion contracts. This collaborative approach ensures your brand gets the exposure it deserves through effective and strategic influencer partnerships.

Why join EVENT & PR NETWORK, and how does it enhance business opportunities?

Joining the EVENT & PR NETWORK provides event entities and organizers with a unique opportunity to connect with a broad audience. This network safeguards privacy while enabling the floating of client proposals based on demographics and expertise categories. By participating in this BUSINESS LEAD NETWORK, event entities and organizers can expand their business opportunities through targeted client proposals aligned with their capabilities.

How can individuals participate in brand promotion on your platform?

Individuals, including fans, followers, and freelancers, can actively engage with our platform by joining our network. We offer a range of assignments, including reviews, posts, shares, comments, ratings, vlogging, interviews, advertisements, affiliate services, and brand promotion contracts. This inclusive approach empowers individuals to play a vital role in brand promotion while enjoying the benefits of networking within our diverse and dynamic platform.