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We @ Idearcade Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About us

An Arcade of Ideas, Idearcade is a powerhouse of ideas and innovation let loose only to be gathered for an enterprise worthy of an experience that will change the common perspective and replace it with a newborn vision. Idearcade Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a venture ( incorporated on 24th July 2021 ) for providing ideas for execution partnerships for startup & innovative projects. Idearcade is an enterprise for business integration of creative & technology solutions backed by brainstorming sessions and layered reasoning till we are convinced that these ideas spur in our clients a dream worth pursuing while we are always there to provide the pinch of reality.

Our Registration

  • Startup India DPIIT: DIPP93696
  • MSME Registration: UDYAM-WB-10-0036945

Our Founders

Sreeja GhoshSreeja Ghosh (Sur) is a Kolkata-based digital content consultant, journalist, content developer, fashion enthusiast, blogger, and social influencer. With a decade-long career in Print Media, she's been a seasoned journalist and sub-editor since 2010. Experienced as a journalist for Bengali News Daily like News Bangla, 365 Din, Sambad Pratidin, and National Digital News Platform, 101 Reporter, she has her own web channel, QTV LIVE INDIA, and her digital magazine, Bongjournal.com which caters from local to global story, news, reviews, interviews and media live coverage. Beyond content Sreeja enjoys her entrepreneurship, being the director of Idearcade Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. where she is leading a venture called BongVoyage, a customized Hooghly river ride service. She is also a part of the WIN (World Indians Network) initiative which seeks to unite all global Indian diaspora in a platform for art, textile, culture, trade, tourism, and exports with Govt. of India.


Pratyay Sur, a visionary entrepreneur, is the founder of Drisyayon, a creative digital branding agency, and Director of Idearcade Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd., a platform for hosting startup ideas. Boutiqart.org is a venture that redefines the creative marketplace by connecting artists, artisans, weavers, and manufacturers through an innovative 24/7 online e-commerce and scope for global exports. His brainchild Idearcade provides comprehensive startup solutions in the digital realm, enabling startups to thrive. Pratyay's strategic prowess shines through his startup journey as an IIT STEP Kharagpur incubation through education projects under Drisyayon, building successful web solutions for premiere educational concerns like Techno India. His journey embodies an unwavering commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology to achieve client success. Having worked with IBM, HP, and American corporates for technology, branding, and business strategy he employs his all-around acumen for the transformative growth of startup projects.

Idearcade is a unique service in “whispering to your ear an idea”. Our ideators study your case and come up with a special solution. We harbor premature ideas and hone them into smart business projects for entrepreneurs to invest in. Innovation and being open to ingenious ways rather than beaten tracks are the secret to success. The visualization process is a journey through the following steps:

  •  CONCEPTION: The “spark or flash of intellectual wisdom” is a result of a brainstorming drill and a perfect blend of experience and imagination let loose! 

  •  INCUBATION: The “brewing up” stage which involves rational testing and surveys conducted for devising a foolproof model with a revenue scheme & financial projection. Tender hatching skills prepare our clients with the ideal warmth before launch.

  •  FLIGHT: The “applied” stage is where the clients are geared up for the final take-off, which engages brand development and market exploration machinery.


“If at first, the idea is not absurd, 
there is no hope for it.” 

 Albert Einstein

“Lack of money is no obstacle.  
Lack of an idea is an obstacle.”

Ken Hakuta

“New ideas pass through three periods:  
1. It can't be done.  
2. It probably can be done, but it's not worth doing. 
3. I knew it was a good idea all along! ”

 Arthur C. Clarke