Connecting Ambitious Minds: Success at the GO GLOBAL BUSINESS SUMMIT-India Chapter

Organizer : Bong Srijoni  Website : https://windians.in/   Phone No : 9147044901 Email : contact@windians.in  Address : ICCR Entry Fee : ₹ 0
Date : 22.07.2023   to 22.07.2023
Time : 03:00PM-08:00PM

The recent "Go Global Business Summit - India Chapter" at ICCR, Kolkata on 22nd July has set a benchmark in bridging India's Eastern region with Europe's dynamic market. Esteemed personalities such as fashion mogul Agnimitra Paul, tech innovator Arijit Hazra - dubbed the 'Robot Man of India', acclaimed journalist and film producer Anilava Chatterjee, ICCR's Eastern Zonal head Minakshi Misra, Pratayay Sur, the driving force behind Idearcade Digital Solutions, and industry leader Kaushik Maitra of Sulekha Ink, were among the luminaries who illuminated the event. Their riveting tales of triumph resonated deeply with the attendees.

Idearcade.com, as a digital vanguard, recognizes the importance of creating spaces where innovators, entrepreneurs, and business magnates can intersect, fostering global collaboration and expansion. The Go Global summit, co-hosted by visionary entities Bong Srijani and the Srijani Go Global Group, and spearheaded by international figures like Shabari Mitra of Belgium and Amrita Ray from Switzerland, epitomized this vision.

Are you an aspirational entrepreneur seeking strategies for scaling up, invaluable networking, or global promotion opportunities? The Go Global summit is your destination. Dive into profound dialogues, engage in strategic networking, and absorb wisdom from industry pioneers, all centered around fostering synergies between India and Europe. Join the movement and be a part of the thriving entrepreneurial mosaic that Idearcade.com champions.