Bengalitez Founder Wins Britannia Women Startup Funding

Bengalitez Founder Wins Britannia Women Startup Funding

Debolina Mukhopadhyay, the owner of Sarangsh Entertainment and the legendary Bengali author, Mr. Sirsendu Mukhopadhyay won the Britannia Women Startup Funding for her project "Bengalitez" a venture to uphold the rights of writers in Bengal providing not only legal and agency services but her portal aspires to showcase the illustrious profiling of Bengali writers for their literary contribution and also seeks to promote and market the content on the national and global arena for making them available for the big-screen audience, OTT and regional and international media through the following services:


  • Professional profiling of literary personalities & artists

  • Portfolio management

  • Content Illustration, copywriting & digitization

  • Content synopsis, cataloging & Legal Solutions

  • Content pitching ( National & International Media)

  • Talent acquisition, Grooming Workshops & Contests

  • Publishing Consultancy & e-commerce Solution

  • Event, PR, Endorsement & Merchandising

  • Soliciting Content for Film, OTT Platforms & TV Serials