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Boutiqart is the Best place for Buyer to get directly from Maker a wide range of unique & authentic artifacts, trendy & ethnic fashion items, customized aesthetic solution and rare entertainment service in 1st hand price and owner guaranteed quality. Our initiative is to replicate your live experience of shopping from a Mela, Fete or Flea Market where you get to interact with the real artist and makers..

Also you enjoy the freedom of ordering a peronalized service (with your design specimen or benchmark suggestion) to your trusted Boutique as you often do it in the real world. You can request for a bulk order or customized service through a seamless mutual contract! Our Creator Profiles would cover from illustrious Artists and reputed enterprise to homegrown talents and traditional artisans.



Arcade Plan

Free Plan

  • 5 Shelf / Category Unlimited items *

Standard Plan

INR.5,000/Per Year
  • 10 Shelf / Category Unlimited items *

Premium Plan

INR.15,000/Per Year
  • 5 Shelf / Category Unlimited items *


How is Boutiqart different from any other e-commerce platform?

Boutiqart is a marketplace that enlists & promotes Artists, Craftsman, Entrepreneurs, Artisans and Curators of unique product & services. So you get to know not only the PIN based profiles of makers, creators or the business but also their items & service, the events ( fairs, exhibitions and fetes), and trainings provided by experts.

How can we contact sellers and buy items or order any service?

Yes. All Creative vendors (Creators / Members) have their dedicated profiles with Products / Service and buyers can buy directly from them as per their respective Terms & Condition (Payment Policy, Refund Policy, Shipping Policy and Customer care contact details.)

Can we buy any bulk product or book any customized service?

Yes. Any individual or corporate customer can directly contact any artist, craftsman, boutique or seller in any of the 16 categories for all types of bulk deal by clicking on request a quote. One can also also book customized service or contract the vendor for an assignment. Also there is a WhatsApp chat available in request a quote.

Who can create a profile listing in this creative marketplace?

All boutiques, artists, artisans, creative entrepreneurs, craftsman, and all types of resellers, wholesalers and manufacturers can create their PIN based profile with product / service gallery, Photo/Video gallery, Training, Event, franchise, client, testimonial, contact, terms & condition. We have the following Registration Plan: Free Plan Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan Sponsored Plan For Sponsored Plan one can apply but the selection is based solely on the discretion of the Boutiqart admin. Sponsored Creators will have a SLA with Boutiqart and all their sales, order and promotion will be managed by Boutiqart team. Click To Know Details Boutiqart Plan

Is this portal different from other leading portals? If then, how?

Yes & No. Yes. We are different from other e-commerce portals as we not only showcase products or services but make the creative vendors, boutique, manufacturer & seller profiles visible to our customers so that one can buy or order directly from them at the most competitive rates. We do people listing ahead of product & service. No. We are not different from listing directory sites which showcase seller profiles, their products & service. But the only difference is when you order or buy anything from any creative vendor in the portal you have to abide by their respective terms and conditions related to payment policy, return policy, logistics terms and dedicated customer care. We as a creative commerce portal do the profile,product & service based listing, rating, and facilitation of e-commerce and seller support for our customers just like an Fair organization who provide physical kiosk to sell, we offer online kiosk 24x7x365.