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Sreeja Ghost Journalist is a lifestyle blog and storytelling platform by Sreeja Ghosh for organic audiences and a collaboration partner for influencers, affiliate people, products & services to promote your brand through interaction with real traffic in niche and demography-specific content-hungry channels and media.

Sreeja Ghosh (Sur), is a media consultant, journalist, content developer, fashion follower, and blogger from Kolkata, India. She had been working as a prolific journalist & sub-editor in Print Media since 2010. This Lifestyle magazine is an extension of her passion and personal findings which she had always desired to ventilate. It's a chance for her to get the real feedback of her readers and that gives her the real impetus!!
She is here to make friends, readers and fellow bloggers, and those who would need her to probe, present, promote, and publish their issues, creativity, event, fashion-wares, stories yet unheard, untold, and the potential to be an eye-opener.
She is assisted by a team of fellow journalists, photographers, designers, and reporters who subscribe to the common passion which Bong Journal hosts. 
Sreeja, post her motherhood is a full-time blogger keeping a busy schedule with her Digital Platform: QTV LIVE & News Platform: Pinbite News.


How can I collaborate with welcomes collaborations with influencers, affiliate marketers, brands, and content creators who resonate with its audience and values. If you are interested in promoting your brand or creative works to a targeted and engaged audience, you can reach out to Sreeja Ghosh and her team through the website's contact page or through their digital platforms, QTV LIVE and Pinbite News. They will be happy to discuss potential partnerships and opportunities to showcase your content on their platform.

What can I expect from the content on

At, you can expect a captivating array of lifestyle-related content tailored to specific audiences. Sreeja Ghosh and her team curate content that includes fashion trends, engaging stories, unheard narratives, and thought-provoking articles. Whether you are interested in exploring the latest fashion trends, reading unique and untold stories, or seeking insightful articles on various topics, has something to offer for every content-hungry individual. The platform's focus on niche and demography-specific content ensures that you receive content that resonates with your interests.

How can I submit my work or stories to

If you have a compelling story, creative work, or fashion-related content that aligns with Bong Journal's themes and values, you can submit your work for consideration. The platform welcomes guest contributions and collaborations from talented writers, artists, photographers, and content creators. To submit your work, visit the website's submission guidelines page, where you will find instructions on how to pitch your idea or share your content. The editorial team, led by Sreeja Ghosh, will carefully review your submission and get in touch with you if it fits their content strategy.